Travel Planning That Gives You an Authentic Taste of the World

Michelle Manas

Founder & Owner of Uncorked Escapes

Uncorked Escapes was created in hopes of combining three of my passions...

... travel, planning, and wine! I strongly believe that wine should be your passport to the world and we specialize in wine regions around the globe. However, there is no destination that doesn't pair well with wine, so whether you are planning a tropical honeymoon, weekend beach getaway, African safari, or tour of Tuscany, we are here to create your luxury tailored experience!

The word "uncorked" best describes our itineraries because they are fresh, overflowing with excitement, and open doors to exclusive opportunities you won't be able to experience elsewhere.

Time is the ultimate luxury and we know yours is very valuable. We work with you to bring your dream to life and present specialty experiences to elevate your trip, giving you a truly unique experience.